Product Features:

The product design of the hand chain hoist greatly surpasses the traditional hand chain hoist products in terms of operating space and user safety protection.

  • Small, low headroom.
  • Made of aluminum, light, portable, corrosion-resistant, and robust.
  • Freight cost saving, 0.25T model weight is only 2.2kg.
  • One-piece integrated Aluminium body structure, low maintenance, long service life.
  • Fully enclosed design, completely sealed gears, and brake.
  • Fully enclosed design with galvanized chains, this model can be used in medical or food workshops that have high standards for the environment.
  • The inner diameter of the hook is increased for wider applications.
  • The cover bolts are smooth hand-feeling.
  • Patented 360° rotation hand chain guide, the user can operate from any angle, standing away from heavy objects.

Product Specifications


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